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Blake Exteriors installs and repairs eavestroughs for home and business owners in the city of London and its surrounding areas. Our team specializes in seamless gutters, which means that there are joints placed in the corners only. Homeowners spend a lot of money every year in order to make sure that the outside of their home looks beautiful. Do you really want to ruin the effect by installing a gutter that is going to warp in 5 or 10 years? Blake Exteriors has found the solution by installing a continuous hanger that will extend the service life of your gutters and make your house look great for many years! Call or email us today and one of our trained contractors will be happy to set up a meeting with you.

The T-Rex Continuous hanger System for an optimal gutter protection

Gutters that use the T-Rex system are closed and seamless. Unlike gutters installed with nails or hooks, which are left open and exposed, gutters equipped with T-Rex continuous hangers are solid and protected from leaves, debris, snow, and ice. The T-Rex M-5200 comes with a lifetime manufacture and sturdiness warranty in addition to a 40-year clog-free warranty.

Just a small additional investment will increase gutter life and help protect them against damage caused by heavy snowfall and ice expansion inside the gutter. In addition to requiring much less maintenance, your gutters will flow smoothly year-round, ensuring that water doesn't get under the roof or too close to your home's foundation.

We also offer the newest technology for coniferous area: the DoublePro Microfiltration Continuous Hanger

  • A double membrane that keeps debris from getting inside the gutter.
  • Prolongs the gutter's lifespan by increasing its sturdiness.
  • Helps gutters last longer by preventing damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle and the weight of snow.
  • The best protection in pine areas by blocking fine debris.
  • Covered by the most extensive warranty on the market: lifetime warranty on materials, durability and clog-free performance.

ECLIPSE TECHNOLOGY: The double membrane keeps debris from getting inside the gutter. The offset holes make it the perfect filter, allowing water to drain freely while blocking pine needles and leaves without ever getting clogged.

VORTEX TECHNOLOGY: The suction created by the two membranes makes it possible to drain three times more water than recorded in the heaviest storms. The inner membrane draws water through the wider holes.